Dr. Praveen Agarwal Dr. Praveen Agarwal

Knee Surgery

Dr. Praveen Agarwal offers Knee Replacement,
Knee Arthorscopy and Knee Ligament Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Praveen Agarwal offers Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery

Return to Everyday Mobility with Hip Replacement
using Ceramic Implants

Hip Replacement Surgery in Lucknow

Shoulder Surgery

Restoring Mobility to Shoulders with Shoulder Arthroscopy
and Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Surgery in Lucknow
Shoulder Surgery in Lucknow

Dr. Praveen Agarwal is a consultant Orthopedic & joint replacement Surgeon & Rheumatologist associated with Jaipur Orthopedic and Maternity Centre. he got his M.S. Ortho degree from K.G.M. C. Lucknow & also got gold medal award. He sucessfully completed Arthroplasty fellowship from sancheti hospital,pune only one to got Rheumatologist certificate from EULAR Switzerland
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Hip Replacement Surgery in Lucknow

Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip is one of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body. When it's working properly, it lets you walk, sit, bend, turn without pain.

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Arthritis in Lucknow


Arthritis is a joint disorder featuring inflammation. A joint is an area of the body where two different bones meet.

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Total Knee Replacement in Lucknow

Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery also known Total Knee Arthroplasty is a cure of painful knees, knee arthritis and other knee related issues.

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Multimodal Trauma Management in Lucknow

Multimodal Trauma Management

With increasing speed of vehicles and availability of good highways and expressways the pattern of injury is changing rapidly.

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Minimal Invasive Geriatric Trauma Management in Lucknow

Minimal Invasive Geriatric Trauma Management

Patient of elderly age group develop osteoporosis which means the bones are very fragile and susceptible to fracture.

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