Multimodal Trauma Management

With increasing speed of vehicles and availability of good highways and expressways the pattern of injury is changing rapidly. Patients very often, now present to the hospital emergencies with complex injuries involving many organs of the body. These include injury to the head, chest, abdominal organs including kidneys, gut,spleen and liver.

Healthcity being a multispeciality hospital has availability of all types of consultants namely neurosurgeon ,plastic and vascular surgeon,abdominal surgeon,chest surgeon,urologist in addition to the orthopaedic trauma team.

More ever, the hospital has a fully equipped diagnostic department which provides 24 hr facilities like X-ray,Pathology,CT-Scan and Ultrasound.

In this way patients suffering from complex injuries can be diagnosed and treated under one roof. Many such patients have received the benefits of a competent trauma team including a fully equipped ICU at the hospital.